“A generation which ignores history has no past and no future”
– Robert Heinlein

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The American Airpower Heritage Museum, also known as the CAF Airpower Museum, located in Midland, Texas, is closed. 


The majority of the Museum’s collection of artifacts and documents are housed in secure, climate-controlled storage awaiting the creation of a new Aviation Museum and Attraction at the Dallas Executive Airport. While in storage, on-going preservation and cataloging will continue. Other artifacts are on loan to qualified CAF Units.


For updated information on the creation of our new facility in Dallas, please click here.


For updated information on the CAF High Sky Wing, the local Midland, Texas unit which will continue to hangar aircraft and hold events at the CAF campus, please click here.


For other questions, please send an email to Steve Buss at sbuss@cafhq.org. 

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